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New website
Jun 26, 10 3:44 AM
Jun 10, 10 5:24 AM
New event
May 25, 10 4:42 AM
May 20, 10 2:55 PM
May 18, 10 8:01 AM
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New website

Jefel01, Jun 26, 10 3:44 AM.
Minerva have a new website go and register via link under information.

We have also moved a bit up in Norrath so we have moved to tier2 guildhall in North Freeport. 


Jefel01, Jun 10, 10 5:24 AM.

Downtime scheduled - Downtime scheduled 10/06/2010 7:00 AM London Time / 09/06/2010 11:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time

This is a notification that UK worlds will be updated at 7:00 AM London Time on 10/06/2010. The estimated downtime will be 7 hours. 


- SOE Operations team


New event

Jefel01, May 25, 10 4:42 AM.
the Druid Rings World Event

The Halas Reborn game update is bringing a lot to the shores of Norrath, including a new world event! A mysterious young Fae named Kurista has begun a ritual to restore the ruined druid rings across Norrath!

That's right, adventurers, it's time to lend a hand to your friendly neighborhood druids!
Construction will start in Nektulos Forest near the Valley of the Dead. Unlike previous worldwide construction projects, the rings will not be worked upon concurrently. Kurista is a very methodical young Fae and won't move on to the next ring until the current one is completed.
If you miss her in Nektulos Forest, don't worry, she'll leave behind a messenger to direct you to the next construction location and you'll have until the next game update to aid in her efforts!
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